Why Is Our Rehab Better?

Our rehab brings a holistic naturopathic vision to the drug detoxification/rehabilitation industry. When a client goes through our program we will not put them on another drug or medication. They leave our facility clean & drug free. To help with withdraws – which are the periods when the body is learning to cope with not having drugs – our Medical Doctor can use medications to help the client through the extreme discomfort but general procedure is to taper down the drug or drugs. We use vitamins & minerals very liberally on our program & these will be administered throughout the program whether intravenously or orally. Acupuncture – massage therapy & other holistic approaches as well are available & can be used taken to help clients get through.

The Sauna Rehabilitation Program then sweats out the remaining toxins & poisons that are stored in the skin – internal organs – fat stores & other locations in the body. This eliminates the body’s physical need to be stimulated through drug usage. This is a true detoxification.

We are purely a detoxification program & as needed on a client-by-client basis will work with friends/family/themselves to get the next needed steps taken for the client as far as rehab goes.

Not all our clients have a need for a rehabilitation program – whether outpatient or inpatient – after finishing the Our Rehab Program but we do work towards the next needed steps whatever they may be.

Our Rehab History

Our first rehab opened its doors in Laguna Beach August 2007. The idea of Our was to help get men & women off psychiatric – prescription & street drugs using medically assisted detoxification in a setting that was both aesthetic & as comfortable as possible. We wanted to have a facility that was more visual & beautiful than the current industry norm while at the same time still being priced competitively. Both of these have been achieved & are part of the Our Rehab program.

We have had over 75% success – which is measured by completion of the individual program & a non-relapse of drug/alcohol usage since leaving the program. The majority of those who have relapsed either left prior to completing the Rehab /Sauna program – or refused to go into rehabilitation & therapy after leaving Our to help fight their addiction.